Q&A with Bud Studio

Bud Studio are on a mission to bring more art to the area. When they asked us to help out with their Art for Haringey campaign we said YES PLEASE, releasing a limited edition print by Albert with 100% of profits going towards public art projects, workshops and paid opportunities in the local community.

We caught up with founders Albert and Zoe to find out a bit more about Bud Studio and the not for profit campaign.



Tell us a bit about Bud Studio, what you do and how it all came about?

Bud Studio is an artist run studio creating bespoke artwork for clients, from beautifully refined canvases to big punching murals.   

We started the studio as a t-shirt company when we were students. Through the years it has gone through some changes but we’ve always held creativity and collaboration at the heart of everything we do.

Your work is often large scale and in the public realm, why is it important for you to engage with the local community? 

Collaboration is one of our most important principles when creating artwork. We believe that engaging with people genuinely makes for better artwork. 

We also believe that artwork in the public realm is owned by its community. It is therefore important that the themes and aesthetics are accessible and reflective so everyone can enjoy the artwork.

Where did the idea for Art for Haringey come from and what are its ambitions?

At the beginning of 2020 we tried to focus on the projects that we enjoyed most. We quickly realized that working with communities is what we are most passionate about. This passion led us to starting the Art for Haringey project so we can support more artists to make artworks for their communities. 

Our ambitions for Art for Haringey is to get more artwork, workshops and paid opportunities for our community.

You’ve just moved into a new studio in the Archives building, what has that been like? 

The new studio is awesome! We had a great space in Millmead Business Centre beforehand but a sense of idleness during the second lockdown made us start looking for a new space. When we found The Archives we knew it was right for us, even though we didn’t really have to move and in hindsight it wasn’t the best timing! Haha.

Apart from Art for Haringey, what exciting projects or plans do you have coming up?

Luckily the commercial side of our business has started to pick up again after and obviously savage 2020. We have some really exciting commercial projects coming up over the next few months. This is great because ultimately it's the commercial work with clients that allows us to pay for everything! 

We also have some more great projects happening in Haringey. There’s a massive wall we’re painting in Northumberland Park, loads more to come from the Shutter Gallery and some cool things happening with the Morrisons Yard development.

Why do you like working in Tottenham? 

Tottenham has been our home for years. From our first tiny 80sft studio at T.H.I.S to our new space we’ve always been based in Tottenham. We love our community from the shops to the schools and feel like we’ve nestled a good spot for ourselves. This is also why we started Art for Haringey to give something back after being so nurtured by a community. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have a better football team...

 What are your top Tottenham tips or favourite spots? 

For anyone who’s wanting to paint, Markfield Park skate park is a legal spot that anyone can paint. It’s so busy now it’s the perfect spot to learn and not worry too much about painting over people or doing a ‘burner’ as everything only lasts a day.

We love West Green Road. It's got everything you need, fishmongers, butchers, Tottenham Food and Wine, pizza, everything! 

Also all the green spaces along the river Lee are dope :) 





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