Alice Perse Clarke

Alice is a painter living and working in Tottenham. She was born in Brooklyn, grew up in London and initially trained as a civil engineer. These urban experiences sparked an interest in the way nature is removed from modern life and sometimes put back, often in a highly managed, unnatural way.

She is currently making large colourful paintings of small pot plants; the nature we bring into our homes. The designs are big, bright and reminiscent of stained glass windows. Drawing a link between worship and nature she celebrates our love of the natural world, immortalising it in oil paint. Alice is open to commissions, if you have a particular plant or idea in mind do get in touch: 

Her paintings can be purchased from the website or with time spent doing environmental activism. You can do anything from leafleting or attending a protest to spending time with a local tree to protect it from fellers. If you are interested in this payment method please get in touch and Alice will help you find the right action for you.


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