Joely Clinkard

White Stoneware ECOSYSTEM Vessel II

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Medium - Ceramic

Dimensions - 26 cm

Year - 2022

Type - Original artwork (unique) 

I love the idea of the city as an ecosystem, one where humans and nature grow and move amongst wifi signals, transport networks and constructed landscapes.

Hand built from strips of a new high porcelain clay mix, this vessel was constructed and finished by hand, giving it a unique stature which echoes both human and architectural form.

The intricate surface is built up from layers of painted slips, underglazes and glazes in a range of vivid tones and tells stories of the city, its colour, its people, its texture and energy.

After the first firing, I add further detailing with gloss and celadon glaze brush strokes, enhancing the colour and depth of the surface. Glaze fired at 1260 degrees, glazed inside with a transparent gloss.


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